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  • "Pauline and her staff supported our research in the Institute of Food and Health in UCD for roughly 4 months.  With their assistance our Foodbook 24 project ran smoothly and on schedule. We knew we could rely on phlebotomy.ie for professional and reliable phlebotomy services and as such would gladly recommend them to peers and colleagues." Dr. Claire Timon & Richard Blain, UCD Institute of Food and Health, University College Dublin.

  • Hi Pauline, I just wanted to let you know that I have been receiving very positive feedback from my patients, with regards to your service.  Each patient has noted how professional, timely and efficient you were at taking blood samples.  One lady in particular who I consulted with earlier today said she was particularly impressed by the quality of service considering how terrified she is of blood withdrawal and how difficult it must have been to take her blood sample, given how she kept fidgeting.  I really appreciate the care you take with my patients and I wanted to make sure that I didn't forget to mention it to you, so thank you.  Best wishes, Jessica.  Jessica Bourke. BcL, Dip Ac, C.Clinical Med., C. Shanghai, Dip. NT, M.BANT, M.ACI (The Women's Health Clinic, 81 Upper Georges St. Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin.

  • Hi, I would like to thank you for your wonderful service.  I have always fainted after blood tests which left me very anxious every time I needed one.  Pauline came to my house and reassured me I would not faint, she helped me with my breathing I could not believe it, for the first time I did not faint, I felt very relaxed and drove to work.  Thank you Pauline, next time I need a blood test I will call phlebotomy, many thanks, Ellen.

  • I had my blood tests done in my home a few weeks ago.  My son also had to get his bloods done for other reasons.  The lady arrived at the time that was requested, which was great, no waiting around all day!  I have an awful fear of needles and really was not looking forward to it.  Please believe me, I did not feel a thing.  Ok, I knew what the lady was just about to do, but the only pressure I felt was from the band around my arm.  I have passed on this service to friends and I hope they do the same.  The fact that I didn't have the stress of driving to a hospital, or waiting in the doctor's waiting room, and also having to pay for parking was just great.  Well done to this company/service. Sheila.

  • Wonderful service. Had my blood taken before work this morning, in the comfort of my own home..no fighting traffic or long queues in hospitals.  Absolutely stress free service. Pauline.
  • Pauline is extremely professional and runs an efficient phlebotomy service.   She is always here when required and has never let me down. Samantha, Occupational Health Advisor, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostic Manufacturing Limited, Chapel Lane, Swords, Co. Dublin.
  • What a service! Pauline comes to my office on a day that suits me, collects my bloods and delivers to the Hospital Lab. Her results are back within days. I have to have my bloods done every 6 weeks so it saves me a lot of wasted waiting time either in the doctor’s surgery or the hospital. Sharon

  • My mother is delighted that her doctor recommended Pauline from Phlebotomy.ie to do her blood tests at home. She is 87 years old and suffers from “white coat syndrome”. She is also nervous about going out as she uses a cane and much prefers having someone calling to the house. Pauline is totally reliable and my mother is totally at ease with her. Saves me having to take time off to take her to the doctors or hospital. Sean R

  • I love this service; Pauline seems to be the only person who can take my blood without me feeling a thing and without leaving any bruises! All that and she delivers it for me as well. All I have to do is make an appointment and she comes to my house before I go to work. Perfect if you are fasting!Mary Kelly

  • Needed a fasting blood test so ideally wanted it first thing in the morning.  Contacted Phlebotomy.ie - Pauline arrived at the house in Lucan @ 6:30 am and job done and dusted in 10 minutes.  What a service!  Thanks Pauline!  Ann in Lucan
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  • Address: Professional Phlebotomy Services Ltd. (Trading as Phlebotomy.ie) , Doorogue, Ballyboughal, Co Dublin.
  • For homedraws please contact Pauline on 086 7944517 or 01 8078874
  • For information on workshops please e-mail Pauline at info@phlebotomy.ie
  • For accounts or locum cover please contact Michelle at accounts@phlebotomy.ie or 086 7944519
  • Website: www.phlebotomy.ie